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Lame, the gate of Memory

direction: Danilo Caracciolo
script: History and ethnology
screenplay: Danilo Caracciolo
photography: Danilo Caracciolo
sound: Roberto Secchi
editing: Danilo Caracciolo, Ruggero Ronci
score: MCR, PGR, CSI, Arpioni, Assurd, Roberto Secchi
actors: Renato Romagnoli, William Michelini, Diana Sabbi, Sauro Ballardini, Ada Pasi
format: miniDV
time: 55'
year: 2004
nation: Italiana
producer: Exzema - Associazione di Cinema e Cultura
production: Exzema - Associazione di Cinema e Cultura
distribution: Ermitage Cinema
In 2004 falls the 60th anniversary of the battles of Porta Lame and Bolognina. Exzema association decided to create a documentary dedicated to all those people from Bologna, who were killed for trying to fight fascism. Thanks to the testimony of some partisans and to the photographic archives, we will go back to those dramatic days of November 1944, and to the places where the European Resistance won its only battle in an occupied city. These places will become one of the most important of European cultural centres: several locations have been built to promote the pluralistic expression of arts, like the Modern Art Gallery, Lumi�re Movie Theater, Salara, and Manifattura delle Arti. They all represent the catharsis of a territory that was once a stage of death and sacrifice against ratifications and racisms, issues that still represent a menace for democracy and collective memory.
Finalista al San Cesario Film Festival di Lecce 2005
*in replica al cinema Lumière di Bologna dal dicembre 2005 a giugno 2006
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