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Far from Heroes, near to Men - Partisan fight stories West to Reno River

direction: Danilo Caracciolo
script: History and ethnology
screenplay: Danilo Caracciolo, Roberto Montanari
photography: Danilo Caracciolo, Davide Leonardi
sound: Massimiliano Aquilano
editing: Danilo Caracciolo, Roberto Montanari
score: Roberto Secchi
actors: I partigiani: T. Guazzaloca, M. Anderlini, L. Bonori, A. Cantelli, R. Romagnoli, R. Vecchietti, A. Gasiani, B. Monti, R. Poli, lo storico Cesare Bianchi, l'attore Bruno Cappagli.
format: miniDV
time: 55'
year: 2005
nation: Italiana
producer: EXZEMA - Associazione di Cinema e Cultura
production: Exzema - Associazione di Cinema e Cultura
distribution: Ermitage Cinema
"Many are the stories that flows in a river, and many are the men who did tell them. If you try to bring your ear closer, apart from water streaming, you can listen his voice telling about old stories and others that risk to be forgotten as far as the one I could listen. This way, among stories of children bathing, mules crossings, miraculous fishing and thousands of other stories, I could listen a story of Defiance..."
The core of the documentary film concerns the tragic event occurred in Casteldebole suburb (near Bologna) where, in November 1944, the SS commander Walter Reder, already known by the bloody facts of Marzabotto, Vinca and Sant'Anna di Stazzema, effectuated an atrocious reprisal against civil population. Casteldebole population was considered guilty having temporarily "hosted" partisans of the 63rd Brigade "Bolero".
Finalista al Napoli Film Festival 2006
Finalista al Festival Ourense di Barcellona
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