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The Colors of Sea - talking with Piero Guccione

direction: Antonia Bognanni
script: Art and architecture
screenplay: Antonia Bognanni
photography: Mario Chemello
sound: Gaetano Firrinceri
editing: Mario Chemello - Giampiero D'Angeli
score: Richard Wagner, Trisàn, Nikolaj R.-Korsakov
actors: Piero Guccione
format: Betacam-SP
time: 32'
year: 2002
nation: Italiana
producer: Silvestre Bognanni
production: Imago Orbis audiovisivi
distribution: Imago Orbis audiovisivi
Piero Guccione, the great painter who’s been chased by the critics and the collectors of the whole world, and the one that Susan Sontag presented to the Americans as “the best Italian contemporary painter”. His paintings, that today, in their maturity, are valued at hundreds of millions by Japanese, French, and American collectors.
Piero Guccione, the painter that, after having reached world-wide celebrity status, retired to his native land, and now lives there as an hermit, painting almost exclusively the sea, just like Monet and his water-lilies, or Cézanne and the mount Sainte-Victoire.
This documentary is a long recorded confession. Guccione tells us about the secrets of his art and life. He talks about himself, the sea, and the feelings that it provokes; he talks about art and its out datedness; he talks about the existential and philosophic value of light, of life and its anecdotes.
The camera observes very closely his paintings and chases these visions trying to interpret the lines and the lights of his sea. The camera too tells us about the memories and the archetypes of the painter with its optical distortion, looking for objective images, that, however, can take us as close as possible to the subjective world of the painter. An experimental “cinema of the memory”, shot in super8, introduces us to the antiquity of the pictorial image and of childhood memories…
At the same time we visit one of Guccione’s expositions, commenting on his principal works with Marco Goldin and Carlo Giuffrè, but, most of all, looking at the speechless and dreaming spectators.

2003 Asoloartfilmfestival in concorso
2003 Festival internazionale del cinema d'arte - Bergamo

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